Helpful Tips when Using a Condom

Helpful Tips when Using a Condom

Male condoms are the best contraception and prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. It covers the erect penis and stops the semen from passing between the partners during sexual intercourse. If properly used, they are 95% effective in preventing STIs and unwanted pregnancies. Proper care should be taken when using a condom.

They are found in many areas. You may find them in a chemist, local supermarkets, and petrol stations and even at health clinics. It may feel nervous to buy a pharmacy condom Amcal especially if it’s your first time. To avoid this feeling, you can buy quite a good number of packets and store them in your room. They should be kept away from sharp objects and in cool places.

Many are the times when some individuals use them and start complaining that it didn’t work for them. What could be the issue for those who get pregnant after using them? Many of those who complain could not have used it correctly. In other scenarios, it might get torn in the process. The following are helpful tips to consider when using a condom.

First, ensure that the penis has erected fully. Read carefully the expiry date printed on the wrapper. In the event, it does not have the dates don’t use it. Open the packet carefully and avoid using teeth. Hold the tip of it to remove the air. The penis should not touch the genital area of your partner without the condom.

Ensure it is ready to roll. The rim must be outside so that it looks like a hat. This will make it unroll easily. In the event you put it on inside out, avoid flipping it and reusing. Dump it and get a new one. Pinch at the tip of the condom and place it on the erected penis.At the top space should be left to collect the semen. For the uncircumcised pull the foreskin before putting the condom on the penis.

Unroll it on the penis up to the base. Some of the condoms come with a lubricant. This lubricant should be applied inside the tip and outside it before penetrating the vagina.After ensuring the whole penis is covered, go ahead and start having sex. In the event, it gets torn while on the act remove it and wear another one. Amcal Ansell Lifestyles Condoms ZERO Uber-ThinsĀ 

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When you are done with the act, hold the rim and pull your penis out the genital areas of your partner. This should be done immediately after ejaculation. You should not wait for the penis to go soft as it may let the semen out and in the event, your partner may get pregnant. Dispose it in the pit and avoid flushing down the toilet.

Whenever you are having sexual intercourse, put on the condom. This will reduce the chances of contracting the sexually transmitted infections. They are also helpful as it curbs the chances of one getting pregnant. The highlighted points above should serve as a guide when using a condom.

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