Natural Ways for Effective Men Skincare

Natural Ways for Effective Men Skincare
Men skincare has emerged like a boom. For the longest time now, men skincare was a subject that was not being discussed in public because men believed that skin care was for women. However, men are now demanding for men skincare products that will repair the damage done to their skin over the years.

Some men even use skincare products of their girlfriends or wives thinking that it is all they need. However, men’s skin is not as resilient as a woman’s skin. Their skin is tougher than a lady’s, so it requires men skincare for men by Amcal products specially formulated to treat their skin. A man’s skin produces more collagen than a woman’s because it contains more oil glands that keep it lubricated and smooth. However, that does not mean that men should not take care of their skin. Here are reasons why men skincare is essential:
• Well-cared for skin looks attractive
• Your skin covers most of your body, so it requires care
• The skin produces vitamin D, which is vital for bone growth

Natural ingredients in men skincare products
When buying men skincare products, make sure you pay attention to their ingredients. The ingredients should be specially designed for men, to ensure that they keep your skin healthy and glowing. Here are natural ingredients that each men skincare product should not lack.
• Allantoin: it assists in soothing the skin and treating inflammation. The ingredient has been proven to repair damaged skin and assisting in restoring growth of new skin.
• Active manuka honey: it is a special kind of honey that is mostly found in New Zealand. The honey has healing properties and the ability to fix and rejuvenate your skin, keeping it younger.
• Witch hazel: it is commonly known for its natural soothing effects on your skin. It can minimize skin redness and inflammation. The

Amcal David Craig Emulsifying Ointment Bp is a natural antioxidant and astringent.

• Cynergy TK: it stimulates the production of elastin and collagen in your skin, which is essential for a smooth and healthy skin.

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A balanced diet
You don’t have to be a health freak to maintain a glowing skin. Men skincare also entails taking a balanced diet to ensure that forming skin cells have the necessary nutrients required to have a healthy skin.
• Five servings of vegetables and fruit: fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Therefore, men should ensure that they take at least five servings of each every day. Antioxidants are essential in preventing oxidative damage to the skin to keep it younger, firmer, and smoother looking.
• Go easy on sugar: sugar reduces collagen production, which results in a wrinkly and saggy skin.
• Drink eight glasses of water a day: you have heard this over and over again, but few people practice it. Men need to avoid consuming alcohol, coffee, and soft drinks because they are dehydrating. If you have to drink them, then you need to take in more water.
• Eat whole grains: refined grains are dry grains, which add no nutrients to your body. Men need to take more brown rice, wholegrain bread, and whole rolled oats to get the healthy nutrients such as zinc and vitamin B.

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