Hayfever Allergy Relief

Hayfever Allergy Relief

Spring and summer seem to be seasons everyone looks forward to for one reason or another. However, these seasons also bring along seasonal and perennial allergies. Hayfever is an allergy that can quickly put a damper on outdoor activities. That is, of course, unless you can find some effective hayfever and allergy relief Amcal.

What exactly is hayfever?

Hayfever, also known as allergic rhinitis, is an allergic disorder brought on by our immune system’s response to certain types of pollens. The term hayfever is actually used to describe different types of allergies. The type of hayfever you have depends on when you’re bothered the most.

If tree pollens bother you in the spring, you probably have spring hayfever whereas allergies to grass and weeds typically means you suffer from fall hayfever. If indoor things like dust mites and animal fur bother you, you probably have perennial hayfever. All of these types will have you suffering from the following symptoms.

• Watery and itchy eyes
• Repeated sneezing
• Nasal or head congestion
• Itchy nose and throat
• Ear pressure
• Rashes

Regardless of which type of hayfever you have, you’re going to want to have some good hayfever allergy relief around.

Types of Hayfever allergy relief

The good news is that there are several types of medications available today that can provide you with hayfever allergy relief. Some may be over-the-counter and others may be through prescription.

• Nasal corticosteroids – Although these may take a couple of days to become effective, they are the safest and most effective. There are several over-the-counter brands available. You should start taking Amcal Fexo 180 a week or two before hayfever season begins.

Image for Amcal Fexo 180 - 70 Tablets from Amcal

• Antihistamines – Available over the counter, this medication is best taken in pill form. They provide good relief against water, itchy eyes, sneezing and runny noses.

• Decongestants – The most common decongestants for hayfever are phenylephrine and pseudoephedrine. They come in the form of pills, tablets, decongestant sprays and eye drops. There are several types of nasal sprays available for hayfever allergy relief.

• Immunotherapy – This type of hayfever allergy relief is probably the best in terms of long-term relief. It comes in the form of daily pills or shots. With immunotherapy, you’re taking a small dose of the pollens that bother you so your body becomes used to them, and they no longer cause you problems.

Preventative Measures for Hayfever Allergy Relief

Despite the effectiveness of hayfever allergy medications, your best bet may still be to try to take preventative measures during hayfever season. Determine what your allergy is so it can be avoided. It’s also easier to get effective medication if it’s for the right allergy. A nationwide network reports the pollen counts in different areas. Research what the pollen counts are in your area so you can be prepared.

When the pollen count is high, stay indoors if possible. If you have to go outdoors, take a shower immediately after you come indoors. Avoid smoke and similar irritants. Allergy proof your home by removing all dust, using synthetic pillows and keeping carpets clean. Make sure your furnace and AC filters are replaced regularly.

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