Cold & Flu Brands

Are Cold & Flu Brands All Created the Same?

Do cold and flu brands really make a difference in the effectiveness of the product? One in four consumers reach for a brand name medication when purchasing a cold and flu treatment, assuming this product provides faster, more thorough symptom relief. The truth, however, is that you may actually be wasting money by purchasing a brand name product.

The Cost of a Name

A pharmacy shelf contains nearly 300 cold and flu brands and products at any given time, leaving the consumer to hurdle through the choices when they’re likely feeling their worst. Not only are there tons of brands, each has an assortment of products to choose from. As such, many people reach for the first product they recognize that treats their symptoms, paying $12 for a bottle, despite the same exact product bearing a different name and a $5.50 price tag sitting underneath. You can find a lot of cold and flu brands at Amcal

Image for Lemsip MAX Cold & Flu with Decongestant Lemon - 10 Sachets from Amcal
The brand name Amcal Lemsip Max Cold & Flu out there contain the same ingredients as the generic versions. By law, all cold and flu brands must conform to specific rules and regulations when creating the product. Minimum and maximum ingredient dosing requirements are included in the regulations. So, when you purchase the brand name product, you’re essentially paying for the name and the fancy labeling and nothing more. Each product works in the very same manner, with the very same ingredients, in the very same amount of time, as the next. Furthermore, generic medications are created inside FDA-approved laboratories, just as the brand names, despite a myth that has many people thinking otherwise.

Millions of Dollars Wasted

Misinformation of the general public is to blame for the millions of dollars wasted each year on the purchase on brand name medications. Premium health products have managed to make a name for themselves, thus attract the eyes of shoppers first. But, rest assured that the cold and flu brands all create their medications the same. You’ll get the same results whether you opt for the costly brand-name product or the generic store brand. Why not avoid waste and choose the low-cost alternative medication to provide the symptom relief you seek?

Final Thoughts

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a website aimed at disproving some of the myths surrounding generic cold and flu brands. This website contains a list of many myths and the truth surrounding the information, as well as an abundance of additional information for consumers. Check the website out, and perhaps you’ll buy generic cold and flu brands when you need quick and effective symptom relief.

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