8 Tips on Applying Medical Deodorant

8 Tips on Applying Medical Deodorant

Medical deodorants are essential for human health because they prevent bad odor from the armpits, feet, face, and other parts of the body. As many people are active during many hours of the day, they sweat and need something to refresh the body after work.

1. Shake it Well

Before applying the medical deodorant at Amcal either on your armpits or legs, you should shake it well. Shaking helps in mixing it well before application. This way, it will not be noticed on the skin. No white marks can be spotted either.

2. Apply on Dry Skin

Medical deodorants are not suitable for wet skin. It means that it should never be smeared immediately after taking a shower. The reason behind application on a dry skin is because wet skin only allows reaction on the outside. It blocks the pores of the skin and prevents reaction on the inside; hence, it does not work as it is supposed.

3. Do not Apply Right After Shaving
After shaving, the skin is irritated and at times itch. Putting on the medical deodorant might make the user uncomfortable the whole day. The itching and the irritation might add up to a lot of pain, and that becomes a bad day.

4. Put It on Before Sweating

In case, one wears a deodorant after sweating starts, it might mix with the sweat, and the odor is not pleasing. Some people have sweat with a bad, strong smell which might be dominant than the medical deodorant. It will be of no use if applied after someone sweats.

5. Wear Little

Rubbing on little of it helps to avoid the white marks on the skin due to too much application. The white marks are ashaming. It is ironical because, on the other hand, it is supposed to give you courage in public.

6. Chose One with Pleasant Scent

A strong smell of a medical deodorant might be disturbing. It can even lead to a headache, stomachache or even nausea. It is advisable that the scent should be pleasant for everyone. Your choice of Amcal Dry Idea Anti-Perspirant Baby Powder Deodorant could be attractive to you but a nuisance to someone else.

Image for Dry Idea Anti-Perspirant Baby Powder Deodorant - 150g from Amcal

7. Apply at Night

It should be put at night because the body is resting. This way, the deodorant gets enough time to get into the skin and kill the bacteria causing the bad smell. Even after waking up in the morning and taking a shower, there is no need to apply more.

8. How to Get it Off Clothes

Just like sweat, medical deodorants can stain clothes. It is suitable to wash the clothes with baking soda and warm water to remove the stain. It also prevents the clothes from stinking after cleaning them.

The above are the tips of using a medical deodorant. If everyone follows these ways, will never regret using one. They will always feel grand and comfortable despite the place and time.

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